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Employee Happiness
We're the travel solution your employees love to use. NexTravel has the highest online booking adoption with 98% of employees using the tool.
NexTravel Traveler
Approve Travel
Travel plans vary and no two travelers are alike. By setting up travel approvals, you can approve (or deny) travel on a case-by-case basis.
NexTravel Insurance
Track Employee Safety
Keep track of where your employees are. You'll stay informed about whether your employees are stuck in a snowstorm, traveling to unsafe regions, and more.
NexTravel Track Employee Safety

Nearly 80% of companies say stricter travel policies have had a positive impact on their travel.

Customized Policies
Want to hide first-class flights? Flights to the wrong city? You can do it all (and much more) using our fully customizable travel policies.
NexTravel Customized
Flexible Restrictions
All your company travel policies and roles are always flexible. If something isn’t working out, easily change your configuration.
NexTravel Network
Advanced Roles
Fine-tuned control over what employees can access within NexTravel.
NexTravel Secure
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